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 History of my Life 'O Music:

I started out dinking around for the piano when I was about 6 and I tried to take lessons, but that didn't last. When I was in the fourth grade, I decided that it might be fun to learn how to play the violin. That didn't last very long either, mostly because I was the only boy in the class left after about two thirds of the year had passed, so I dropped the violin. I then decided that the Trumpet might be fun to play because my dad played it and I want to be like dad because he is like my idol and everything, so I got a $109 Trumpet. I played it for a good 7 years up through my junior year in high school, and with a solo all lined up for my senior year, I gave it up because of TMJ which is a jaw joint disorder that playing all the high notes was giving me. So even though I loved marching band and even though people though I should keep on going with it, I gave it up.

I had been dinking around on the guitar that my dad had brought home in mid 1994. For some reason Wanes World (the movie) inspired him too buy a USA Fender Strat and Jam 75 watt Amp all for 500 bucks (yes that is a steal). It had some nicks in it but it was one hell of a guitar and I learned how to play Iron Man by Black Sabbath with all the wrong technique. So my senior year in High school since I wasn't playing trumpet anymore, I started taking guitar seriously and started taking private lessons from Beaverton Music. The teacher there got my rear in gear and told me how to and how not to play the instrument, and I started catching on. On my 18th birthday I got a Acoustic guitar, I didn't like it much because the distortion couldn't cover up the mistakes and it was harder to push down the strings, but I think I would definitely go through withdraw if I didn't have them both. Now I am working on my voice and writing songs, singing is one thing you can't do with the trumpet. I love guitar.